Hand-Drawn Sacred Geometry, Mandalas & Metaphysical Art
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Codes of Creation
Hand-Drawn Sacred Geometry, Mandalas & Metaphysical Art

"Sacred" Geometry has historically referred to a type of Mandala that is considered to contain the Blueprint of Creation and the Genesis of all Form. It is based on the "Flower of Life", an ancient universal pattern from which all platonic solids can be plotted (see illustrations).

Sacred Geometry is deeply rooted in nature--who can deny the beauty of the symmetry of flowers, plants, seashells, snowflakes, crop circles etc. that continually amaze us? Through the ages, these platonic solids have been expressed through architecture (often considered sacred sites) such as the Pyramids of Giza. Sacred geometry also involves ratios and mathematics which are also inherent to creation. The Pantheon, Parthenon and many of the grand cathedrals utilized Sacred Geometry principles to create the wondrous spaces that we experience in awe and wonder.

We live in a world of three dimension; thus, this geometry is truly "sacred" in reference to our present expression of reality on our Earth. As we evolve into higher dimensions, one would fully expect that our "New World" will have a far more expanded version of "Sacred Geometry" and the wondrous creations that will emanate from it.





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The Art of Sacred Geometry


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